Deluxe Table Warmer
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This luxurious and ultra-soft massage table warmer with eight temperature settings, a timer: of 1/2/ 10 hours, and a removable and machine-washable cover is perfect for keeping your clients warm, cosy and relaxed during a massage. Product Features Ultra-soft and luxurious fleece pad Size: 33" x 73" 8 temperature settings: Max. 40℃ Timer 1/ 2/ 10 hours Thermal and current fuse. Auto overheating protection Removable and machine-washable cover. 2-year warranty. 75 watts and max amperage is 1A UL certified. Cleaning & Maintenance Make sure warmer is unplugged from power source. Carefully detach cover from the warming pad. Place cover only in washing machine on cold/gentle cycle. Allow to air dry. Do not dry clean, machine dry nor iron any part of the table warmer. Do not allow the controller to get wet. Storage Fold neatly and loosely, without any sharp creases. Do not place objects on top of the warmer. Do not roll. Store in a cool, clean and dry area.