Magnesium Chloride Spray
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Magnesium Chloride Spray is a topical magnesium, which means it penetrates the skin, delivering magnesium directly to cells. The spray bottle makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere, and because it’s pre-diluted with distilled water, even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the benefits of topical magnesium. That’s why Magnesium Chloride spray is the right choice for adults and kids alike. Use Magnesium Chloride whenever you need measurable relief from muscle tension, aches and pains. It’s a great way to prevent magnesium deficiency – and it softens skin. Natural Calm magnesium chloride spray is commonly used for stress relief, muscle tension and relaxation. It is also used as a sleep aid. Magnesium chloride has many other uses, including inflammation relief, cramps, muscle twitching and restless leg syndrome. Natural Calm magnesium chloride spray may be used to enhance athletic performance. Athletes use it for faster recovery after strenuous physical activity or exercise which can lead to delayed muscle soreness. It may also be used for better sleep, hydration and nutrition. Natural Calm magnesium chloride spray may also help treat anxiety, ADHD, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is sometimes used to relieve depression symptoms. Magnesium chloride spray may also be used for osteoporosis or brittle bone disease, irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. Some doctors suggest using it for a variety of conditions including constipation, insomnia and premenstrual syndrome.