Earthlite Vibra-Therm Sports Therapy Table
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Vibration therapy consists of repeated rapid oscillation of localized pressure to stimulate the body's muscle and connective tissues. Lower speeds are used for muscle relaxation while the higher speeds are used for stimulation and activation. Our programmable system features six (6) intensity levels and six (6) speeds across three (3) zones for maximum therapeutic impact and customized treatments. Meanwhile, two (2) levels of penetrating heat offer additional impact. Can be used alone or to supplement traditional sports massage and physical therapy for maximum effect. Lightweight, compact, and portable. Designed for professional and home use. Weighs only 43 lbs. Complete package includes UL listed electronics, adjustable headrest, crescent cushion, and carry case. CUSTOMIZED VIBRATION THERAPY TREATMENTS Stimulate muscles and fascia with six (6) intensity levels, six (6) frequencies and three (3) vibration modes (Continuous, Pulse, and Wave) to create an array of customized therapy treatments. Foam 2.5" TARGETED TREATMENT AREAS Targeting upper back, lower back, and thighs for localized, targeted treatment. EMBEDDED HEAT THERAPY Warm up sore muscles with embedded heat therapy pad with low and high intensity settings with or without vibration therapy. PROFESSIONAL QUALITY TREATMENT TABLE Full-sized massage table constructed from managed forest hardwoods and the finest eco-friendly upholstery available. COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE Includes table, remote controlled electronics, headrest and face cushion, and rugged carry case. UL LISTED ELECTRONICS Including convenient, intuitive remote control. WARRANTY FROM EARTHLITE World's #1 brand in massage since 1987. Lifetime limited warranty on table structure, 2 year warranty on electronics. Height Range: 23" - 33" Static Weight: 2,400 lbs. Max. Working Weight: 600 lbs. Width:30" Length:73" Weight:43lbs