Natural Calm Magnesium Powder
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The health benefits of magnesium are clinically proven, but most Canadians don’t get enough through diet. Natural Calm is the better-tasting, better-absorbing, best-loved magnesium drink. The proprietary magnesium citrate formula is fast-acting, to relieve stress, improve sleep, reduce pain, promote heart health and more. Backed by thousands of five-star reviews and dozens of awards, Natural Calm has been enjoyed and trusted for 38 years. Enjoy Natural Calm as a delicious hot tea, add it to cold drinks, and enjoy any time of day or evening! Magnesium citrate has numerous potential side effects in the body, including energy production, nerve signal transmission, blood glucose level regulation, and the like. Furthermore, magnesium citrate also causes the intestines to soften the stool; this helps ensure healthy passage through the digestive tract while promoting detoxification of the body from heavy metals and environmentally derived toxins. As such, it’s clear that magnesium citrate powders and supplements can offer many benefits. Magnesium citrate powder can be an excellent choice of electrolytes, and a growing number of people are hence choosing to use them for the benefits that can be offered. Ensuring good electrolyte levels is essential for promoting good health, as magnesium is responsible for ensuring good energy production, nerve signal transmission, and blood glucose regulation, just to name a few. However, overdosing on our Natural Calm magnesium citrate powder can have some side effects such as diarrhea or constipation and weight loss. The amount of magnesium citrate powder you should take will vary depending on the brand you choose and the purity/potency of magnesium citrate in the powder. Our magnesium citrate powder here at Natural Calm is designed to be taken at a dosage of one to two teaspoons, dissolved in ¼ cup of hot water, then cooled and flavored to taste. This is equivalent to 205mg of magnesium citrate per teaspoon.