54 Piece Hand Shaped Stone Set
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Our Basalt Massage Stones are made of iron-rich, therapeutic basalt which preserves heat better than any other stone, making it ideal for hot stone massage. These high-quality basalt massage stones are available in different sizes in accordance with use on parts of the arms, legs, hands, between the toes, and more! They provide an economical way to perform hot stone massage work at any level you desire. These beautiful stones are housed in an attractive, eco-friendly bamboo box. 54 Pc Hand-Shaped Set includes: 4 Extra-Large Flat Ovular Stones (for stomach, chest, lower back, back of neck) 6 Large Flat Ovular Stones (for the back, gluetes and quads) 26 Medium Flat Ovular Stones (for the arms, legs, feet, palms, and neck) 6 Small Ovular Stones (for the forehead, crown of head, back of head, soles of feet, and heals) 6 Small Circular Stones (for the face) 4 Miniature Pressure Point Stones 2 Small Ovular Marbles Stones (for orbital and other cold massage)