Arcadia Organic Percale Face Cover
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The latest addition to our face rest line up are these 100% organic cotton face cradle covers in a percale material. Percale face rests are crisp and smooth and launder able like a poly cotton. 200 thread count material is used to make these face cradle covers that are a natural tan cotton color that compliments any decor with the added benefit of being pesticide free and environmentally friendly bringing good karma to every session. Cotton is susceptible to pests and disease, but many chemical pesticides and herbicides used in cotton farming have long-term negative effects on the environment. In addition, the bleaching of cotton adds further chemical waste to the world's water supplies. The cotton used in these sheet sets was grown using no man-made chemicals, and has been left in its natural unbleached state. Organic unbleached cotton is every bit as soft, durable, and attractive as regular cotton, but causes less irritation in those sensitive to chemicals and is better for the environment. Features: Crisp, smooth and soft 100% organic cotton. 200 thread count. Snug fitting with room for a padded cover beneath. Unbleached organic percale has a natural tan cotton color. Unlike regular cotton, organic cotton has not been exposed to chemicals during growing, processing, or finishing and is grown in a more environmentally-sustainable manner. 100% organic cotton, SKAL/CU certified.