Align Cupping Set
Massage Essentials
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Super popular for cupping at home as well as for professional cupping treatments, the Align Cupping Set can be used with or without massage oil or lotion to create good contact with the skin. These silicone cupping therapy massage cups are made from the highest quality food-grade silicone and are super easy to apply yourself! There are a total of 4 silicone cups in the set - 2 large and 2 small. Cupping Therapy is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, promoted by acupuncturists and other holistic and manual healthcare practitioners. The introduction of silicone cups for Cupping has also allowed this incredible treatment to be used for cupping at home. The Align Silicone Cupping Set - made from a soft and supple food-grade silicone with a wide base on each cup creates a comfortable point of contact with the skin. These cups can be used on all areas of the body simply by pushing down on the handle on the top of the cup to create the suction! Additionally, you can use the handle to lift and rotate the cup slightly for even more muscle relief. The Align Cupping Set consists of two sizes of cups for use on different target areas for cupping at home or in your professional clinic setting. The handle/plunger on the top of the cup provides additional functionality for manipulating the tissue. We do not recommend that you use these cups in a dynamic gliding/sliding manner, but rather only use them in a static/stationary manner. There are 2 sets included / 4 cups in total - 2 Large Cups (2.25" in diameter) and 2 Small Cups (2.63" in diameter) Silicone Hardness - This set is a 55 degree hardness silicone.