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The Essentials Comfort Bolster System is an innovative body positioner that can be used in multiple ways in a variety of settings. Its unique design allows clients to comfortably lie face up, face down or on their sides while receiving therapy. It may even be used while clients are in a seated position. The Comfort Bolster System is infinitely more comfortable than a standard flat table because the Comfort Bolster�s design supports the bodys natural contours. The Comfort Bolster System is so versatile that is can be used for men, women, pregnant women, children and infants. Whats more, the combination of its elevated configuration and specially placed recesses and contours allows the therapist to more easily and effectively access key muscles and soft tissues of the clients body. Supports The Comfort Bolster System comes equipped with four supports: The Adjustable Headrest (with Removable Face Pillow), the Chest Support, the Pelvic Support and the Split Leg Support. The Removable Face Pillow attaches to the top of the Adjustable Headrest with Velcro strips. The Adjustable Headrest attaches securely to the Chest Support and is removable. The Pelvic Support attaches and detaches to the Chest Support with strong Velcro strips. The two pieces of the Split Leg Support attach and detach to each other with strong Velcro strips. Handles connected to the Chest, Pelvic, and Leg Supports allow for easy positioning, handling, storing and transporting of the Comfort Bolster. Durable oil and waterproof PU leather covers Comfort Bolster Systems layered foam that forms the Comfort Cushions essential recesses and contours. Positions The Comfort Bolster System can be used to position a client in a variety of ways. Transitioning the client from one position to another is simple and seamless. Here are the main positions and uses: Face Down Position While the client is face down, the Comfort Bolster positions the clavicles, sternum, ribs and pelvic bones reducing stress from the rest of the body. The client�s arms can be positioned in a variety of ways (in front, to the side and off the table) to access various tension points on the upper back. The Leg Support is placed underneath the shins and tops of feet to provide further support. Face Up Position While the client is in the face up position, the Comfort Bolster elevates the upper back, neck and head while supporting the lower back. The Leg Support, when placed under the knees, provides further support. This combination of positions alleviates pressure from the lower back and hips and allows the client to lie in the most natural and ergonomically correct way. Side-Lying Position When the client is in the side-lying position, the elevated Chest Support lessens pressure from the shoulder. The Split Leg Support can be positioned between the knees or under one knee to alleviate pressure from the hips. Using the Comfort Bolster in the side-lying position is also great for the person who likes to sleep on his side without having his arm fall asleep! Seated When folded and placed in a seated client�s lap, the Comfort Bolster allows the therapist to administer a relaxing chair massage. Just use a comfortable chair and position the client against a massage table or other study surface like a desk. The Chest Support provides stability and comfort while the therapist works. During Pregnancy The Comfort Bolster System permits women, who are early in their pregnancies, to lie comfortably on their stomachs. The Comfort Bolster�s abdominal recesses in the Chest Support and Pelvic Support cradle the pregnant belly. Features and Benefits of the Comfort Bolster System Can be Used on Practically Anyone; Men, Women, Pregnant Women, Children and Infants. Adjusts to the Natural Contours of the Body Which Makes it Much More Comfortable than Lying on a Flat Table. Specially Placed Recesses and Contours of the Supports Allow the Therapist to More Easily and Effectively Access Key Muscles and Soft Tissues of the Body. Its Four Supports Are Extremely Versatile and Allow For a Variety of Positions; Face Up, Face Down, Side-Lying, and Seated. Allows Women in Their Early Stages of Pregnancy to Comfortably and Safely Lie on Their Stomachs and Sides. �Made of Durable Layered Foam and Covered With Skin Friendly PU-Leather (Oil and Waterproof) �Extremely Portable and Easy-to-Store. �Velcro Strips and Attached Handles Make it Easy to Move to Different Positions and Adjust to Clients� Different Body Shapes. �Available Colors: Black, Blue or Beige Ideal For Massage Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Cranial-Sacral Therapy Myofascial Release Swedish Massage Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Pregnancy Massage Free Accessories Durable Carrying Case ** Cannot be compared to the bodyCushion brand.