Shakti Eye Pillow
Massage Essentials
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29 x 10 cm

No ordinary Eye Pillow! Designed to create a completely immersive experience while you relax or Shakti. Block out the light and relieve stress and tension with perfectly weighted downward pressure. Soft organic jersey cotton and pockets of natural clay beads make for an Eye Pillow experience that’s easy on the eyes and soothing on the temples. Store in the freezer for instant access to cooling pressure therapy and even more Shakti bliss. Completely blocks light for deep sensory rest • Eases tension in the eyes and temples • Soothes tired, irritated eyes from overexposure to screens • Combined with the Shakti Mat, it provides a deeper Shakti experience • Helps you find stillness in meditation and yoga Store The Eye Pillow in a container in the freezer or your bedside drawer and grab it any time you Shakti. • Place over your eyes as you lay on your Mat to deepen your relaxation and truly sink into the experience of Shakti. • When cooled, the sensation on the eyes and temple distracts from the initial discomfort of laying on Shakti spikes. The external cover of The Shakti Eye Pillow can be cold machine washed simply by removing the clay bead insert prior to washing. Leave the cover to hang dry out of direct sunlight. If the insert requires cleaning, gently hand wash it in soapy water before leaving it to air dry flat.