Shakti Acupressure Pillow - Level 1
Massage Essentials
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41cm Length | 15cm Width | 11cm Height

Unwind neck tension Relieve areas of stored stress Enhance your Shakti Mat session Looking to take your relaxation further? The Shakti Pillow is the ideal way to amplify your Shakti session. Designed to deliver spikey pressure to the curvier parts of your body for an extra targeted, satisfying release. Level 1 provides a therapeutic and strong introductory experience to acupressure and is the perfect place to start. Made with plant-based Blissfoam for a new level of luxury. Unlock decompression and deep relaxation Assist circulation to wash away tension Reset a restless mind Experience deeper sleep An ongoing sense of wellbeing You can expect all the same signature Shakti feelings as you get with the Mat: ouch! tingles, warmth… Then reward. The Pillow is incredible for melting away tension in the area that carries it the most—the neck. If you’re an experienced Shakti-er, the Pillow will be the cherry on top of your Shakti experience.