Digital Deluxe Stone Heater, 6qt
Massage Essentials
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Product Summary Clients absolutely love a hot stone massage! Hot stones can even be used during pedicures, manicures, or other spa treatments for a special added touch. Our Digital Standard Hot Stone Warmer will ensure your stones are heated evenly at the desired temperature. Product Details Our 6-quart, Digital Standard Stone Warmer is designed to hold 40 massage stones. It has a stainless steel outer shell, a removable stone pot, an easy-grip lid, and stay-cool handles. Our Standard Professional Stone Warmer features a digital temperature control that quickly heats the water to your specific, desired temperature. The warmer also comes with a wooden slotted spoon to remove the stones from the water! Features and Benefits The 6-quart capacity warmer holds a little over 40 massage stones so it is perfect for small to medium-sized hot massage stone sets The removable stone pot resists breaking and cracking when coming in contact with massage stones The digital temperature control lets you select your ideal temperature and keep your stones at that temperature for the duration of the massage The side handles remain cool throughout the heating process so you do not risk burns or injuries while moving the unit The included slotted wooden spoon lets you safely remove hot stones from the water Sizes and Specifications Capacity: 40 stones Dimensions: 15" x 11" x 7" Wattage: 750 Watt Voltage: 115 Volts 60Hz 1 Year Warranty Ideal For Hot Stone Massage for Small-to Medium-Sized Stone Sets Spa Treatments