Flexipac Hot/Cold Compress
Massage Essentials
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8" x 14"

FlexiPac Hot And Cold Compress Hot and Cold Therapy Made Easy! On the go and need some hot or cold therapy? ActiveForever.com has found the perfect, economical solution for your hot and cold therapy needs - Chattanooga FlexiPac Hot and Cold Compress! These compact, reusable FlexiPac Hot & Cold Compresses conform to any body contour at any temperature. Easy to use, simply Microwave for soothing heat therapy or store in the freezer for penetrating cold therapy. Have extras on hand for continuous Hot and Cold Therapy, when one cools or warms, have another ready to go. FlexiPac will stay flexible whether providing hot or cold therapy. The FlexiPac Hot and Cold Compresses are great for work or play. They are compact and fits easily into your briefcase, gym bag, purse or back pack. Keep one on hand in the office, kitchen and first-aid kit. Why Cold Therapy? Cold therapy is proven to be safe and effective at reducing swelling, relieving pain and decreasing muscle spasms, cold therapy is an easy self-care technique that anyone can administer. Cold therapy should always be used as soon as possible after an injury occurs and continued for the following 48 hours at 15 to 20 minute intervals or as advised by a medical professional. When Should I Use Cold Therapy? After an injury, blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells are damaged and cannot remove waste. The cells around the injury increase their metabolism in an effort to consume more oxygen. When all of the oxygen is used up, the cells die. Blood cells and fluid seep into spaces around the muscle, resulting in swelling and bruising. When cold therapy is applied, it lowers the temperature of the damaged tissue and constricts local blood vessels. This slows metabolism and the consumption of oxygen, therefore reducing the rate of cell damage and decreasing fluid build-up. Cold therapy can also numb nerve endings and help reduce pain. Why Heat Therapy? Heat can reduce muscle spasms, reduce joint stiffness, and make soft tissue more limber. Heat can be used to help loosen tight muscles and joints during a warm-up period before exercise. For example, you may put moist hot packs on tight leg muscles before running, on your shoulder before throwing, or on tight neck or back muscles. When Should I Use Heat? Use heat for stiff muscles and joints when you are trying to make them more limber. Most therapists and doctors advise not to use heat right after an injury or while your injury has any swelling, as this will have the opposite effect of an cold therapy. Heat increases blood flow and relaxes muscles. It's good for easing tight muscles, but will only increase the pain and swelling of an injury by increasing blood flow to the injured area. FlexiPac Hot And Cold Compress features: �Stays flexible whether providing hot or cold therapy �Reusable FlexiPac Hot And Cold Compress specifications: 8" x 14" Return policy: Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable.