Anatomy & Massage
Massage Essentials
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A massage helps in all situations. Massage techniques can be used not only for relaxation, but also in sports - where the right massage technique can be used for regeneration, rehabilitation, and injury prevention. The unique mixture of photos and anatomical drawings makes it incredibly easy to understand every technique and put them into practice. Sports massage is a manual therapy method that is integrated into the training programs of professional athletes to strengthen and improve their health. It consists of a series of grips that are used before, during, or after a competition or training session. The main objectives are as follows: To optimize muscle performance To reduce congestion in blood circulation To reduce regeneration times To prevent injuries to the tissues and joints Anatomy & Massage is a practical guide for anyone interested in learning more about this massage discipline. This book presents the new standard, which can be used not only by athletes, trainers, or their massage therapists, but also as an important reference work for physiotherapists, fitness trainers, and people interested in sports in general. The book was written by active therapists who have a lot of experience with professional sports teams and who teach sports massage. It contains numerous illustrations, color photographs, step-by-step instructions, anatomical graphics, and includes an approach to massaging deep-level tissues and their interpretation from the myofascial chain point of view. The book also contains a health questionnaire to facilitate data collection, athlete testing, and follow-up monitoring. It is supplemented with 21 tutorial videos showing the most important massage techniques used by the specialists. These videos can be downloaded in three easy steps using the Augmented Reality app. Anatomy & Massage is the first book of its kind that also focuses on the my fascial structures of the body and offers step-by-step instructions on how these insights can make a massage even more effective.